Your strategic partner in IT

We help organizations and companies find the exact IT profile they need to be able to achieve their strategic goals.

The labour market is undergoing restructuring, with fluid labour and more people freelancing and demanding hybrid workflows – want us to help your company build a strong platform now and in the future?

The market is fluid, and a battle for IT resources is taking place

The right match

- We can deliver just the IT profile(s) you need


- We can deliver the right person quickly


- We can deliver many IT profiles, as well as entire teams, quickly

Trusted advisor

- We know the IT industry, we know the consultants, and we make a point of knowing our clients well

Your challenges

Our solutions

Your challenges

Finding people with the right IT skills is difficult

Our solutions

We understand what it takes and can thus find the right profile for you

Your challenges

Finding enough people with the right IT skills is difficult

Our solutions

We have a large network consisting of more than 70 employees, 450 freelance consultants on contract, 6000 CV's in our database and more

Your challenges

Finding the wrong person is expensive, and so is looking for the right one

Our solutions

We have an unparalleled success rate and can deliver skilled consultants quickly and continuously

Our business units

Your IT consultancy in Sweden

We have offices in both Gothenburg and Stockholm and can deliver all types of IT consultants to e.g. the Swedish market, but also the rest of the Nordics and Europe.

Your nearshoring partner

Locally present in both Poland and DK, delivering Polish consultants and teams of e.g. developers, testers, and supporters. This makes it possible to deliver projects faster and more cost-effectively, while at the same time achieving the highest quality as Poland's consultants are world-leading IT specialists.

Recruitment specialists

Department specialized in headhunting of managers and specialists for permanent employment within IT & Engineering, with an unparalleled success rate of close to 100%.

Your Oracle specialist in Sweden

Our EPICO Tech team is based in Sweden and consists of world-class experts in Oracle Databases, handling everything from design to maintenance, optimization and security for the Oracle Database.

Next generation IT talents

A wide network of qualified IT talents with 0–5 years of professional experience at a lower rate than senior profiles. IT talents with an IT education, who excel with the latest knowledge in software development, testing, data science, UX or similar in IT.

Your BI specialist and partner

Data, Cloud & Analytics form the foundation of our DCA team. Independent advisor in AI, machine learning, automation, BI, OnPrem to Cloud and much more.

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