We are flexible and emphasise personal connection

We do not approach companies or IT profiles generically, and we take this into account in every single collaboration. For that reason, we offer our clients great flexibility to ensure the best possible process with a focus on quality.

Although we are flexible and adapt parts of our collaboration to your specific needs, you will always experience a structured process with a focus on quality, expertise and personal connection.

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The personal connection

One of our core values is the personal connection – we go to great lengths to get to know both your company and our consultants well. In this way, we ensure the right match between the IT competencies you demand and the IT profiles in our network.

In order to be able to act as an optimal advisor, sparring partner and supplier of freelance IT profiles, it is important for us to get to know your company. This refers to both the culture and your company in general, but also the individual departments, so that we can find the right match for the particular team in need of an IT profile.

We know the IT industry, we know our consultants and we know our clients – and that allows us to deliver the right match over and over again.

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We find and deliver the IT skills you need

We are experts in finding the experts. We offer our partners expertise every day. We make a point of broadening our professional horizon and being at the forefront of new knowledge in IT. We do this through our insight into the IT industry, our clients and consultants. With over 10 years of experience as a consultancy, we have built a unique knowledge base and a broad network. It is this knowledge and expertise that we offer our partners every day.

We take a professional approach to collaborations, where we ensure the right match as well as a quality-rich process from A to Z. Quality does not come about by itself, it is created by the right people and connections – and we have those. We live up to this by ensuring quality in the collaboration based on our insight into the industry, our competencies, our well-documented processes and our personal relationship with clients and consultants.

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