At EPICO, you are more than just a CV

For us, you are not just a number in a CV database, but a carefully selected partner. Our most important task is to ensure the right match between you and our clients. That is why we help you i.a. make sure that your CV is razor sharp as well as guide and help you through the hiring processes with our clients. We also love seeing our consultants at both professional and social events and thus hold various events many times a year.

EPICO in brief

We are an IT consultancy, and our core business consists of identifying, qualifying and delivering freelance IT consultants.

We are one of the largest IT consultancies in Denmark, with more than 600 freelance consultants on contract globally, 6000+ CV's in our database, and more than 4000 different clients in our network.

We cover a wide range of skills and geography and send freelance consultants to work on projects throughout Denmark as well as the Nordics and parts of Europe, including Sweden and Poland.

Our core values are based on the personal connection, trust, openness and quality, both for our clients and for you as a consultant.

How to easily and quickly join the EPICO network